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About us

about us

丽天logo_big.jpgLEAPTING is a high-tech enterprise with independent innovation to provide smart solutions for the solar PV industry.

Driven by market demand, the company is the first high-tech enterprise specifying in artificial intelligence cleaning systems for solar energy products in the world. The founder of company has a proven record of undertaking national major science and technology projects, and presided over the drafting of national standards.

As a leading designer, manufacturer, developer and distributor of smart cleansing equipment for solar energy products, the company has successfully launched two series of high-intelligent cleaning systems, LTCR L and LTCR S.

Both series of products are facilitated with water-free cleaning mode, allowing integrated or independent-unit remote control, the products can be applicable to different ground solar mounting system (including but not limited to solar tracking system, solar racking systems, fixed synchronous seasonal tilt structure etc). It automates dry cleaning and testing of the solar panel and minimizes the effort required in operations and monitoring, resulting in unmanned efficient cleaning operations of solar panels with increased daily power output.

Designed to fit the ground solar mounting systems in all specifications, the high-intelligent cleaning solution is applicable for all scenarios of photovoltaic power stations including mountainous areas Solar Power Station, Aquaculture-complementary Solar Power Station, Agriculture-complementary Solar Power Station, Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) among others.

Company mission

Committing to the mission of "Empower the world with higher efficient use of solar energy" The company is sustainably expanding its business in clean energy systematic integration and pushing the boundary of technology breakthrough of clean energy conversion. Serving customers wholeheartedly, LEAPTING is focusing on becoming a respected world-class enterprise in the fierce global competition in the foreseeable future.